Specialists in corporate office furniture relocation
At Business Movers we are an office relocation company designed to provide your business with the most efficient relocation services Sydney has to offer. We exist to streamline the process of moving and relocating large businesses in Sydney and surrounding suburbs.

Why choose Business Movers to relocate your business?
Business Movers provides your business with full facility management services, from when you pick up the phone and call us to when you move into your new fully furnished and prepared office. Everything you can think of has been taken into account during the relocation, all you have to do is arrive and enjoy your new workplace!

From furniture transport, installation and infrastructure upgrades, and the warehousing of goods and equipment necessary for the success of your business, we will make relocating your office as quick, efficient, stress free and economical as possible.

We understand your needs…
As an office furniture relocation company that deals with large high profile businesses all over Sydney, we understand that delays in transport and furniture installation can result in confusion, time wasted and ultimately loss of productivity and money. Even the most professional organisations can be blindsided by unforseen complications when moving their office and this process can easily become a logistical revenue draining nightmare. At Business Movers we understand that the best way to avoid this is to approach the task of office management with a complete plan for your office relocation, taking into account all variables and potential problems.

We’re not just another moving company…
Other office furniture relocation companies can be relied upon to move your furniture from one location to another, and a few have a sideline in sourcing and providing new furniture, however we are the only professional office furniture relocation company that looks at the big picture. We will help your business avoid all the snares and pitfalls of office relocation. Although we specialise in office and furniture installation, At Business Movers we pride ourselves on being flexible enought to be able to offer your business whatever professional service you require to streamline your relocation experience.