Organic Versus Paid Digital Marketing

Organic Versus Paid Digital Marketing

Before we go deeper into a comparison between paid and organic marketing, we must first clarify something. The fact that one of them is called ‘paid’, is not meant to suggest that organic marketing is completely free, especially if it is to be done in a way that achieves maximum results. Organic traffic does require investment both of time and in most cases, of money too.

What the word words paid and organic refer to specifically is how the traffic is generated by each type of marketing. Paid marketing is normally done via Pay Per Click (PPC), on platforms such as Google, Facebook, or Bing. With organic marketing, the traffic is not paid for in the sense that each click-through has a cost, but instead comes naturally as a result of marketing strategies that include SEO and social media management, for example. Let us look closer at each.

Organic Marketing

Organic marketing is what provides your business with long-term and consistent traffic, presuming that you implant it effectively. By that, we do not mean you have to do all the work required yourself. For the best results, we strongly advise that you employ a professional digital marketing agency that will provide the best ROI on organic marketing campaigns.