While many companies offer competent services in moving office furniture from one location to another, it is our facilities management services that distinguish Business Movers as a uniquely valuable company.

We take the complex task of office relocation and its innumerable complications and simplify it by micromanaging every phase of the movement, from the CAD managed design plan for your new office down to the operational management of our warehousing and distribution operations after the new office space is already established and operational.

Our facilities management services are revolutionary in the office relocation industry for our dynamic and groundbreaking approach integrationto business relocation. Instead of crossing our fingers and trusting the equipment and resources of our clients to third party contractors like some organisations, we take a hands-on approach to every conceivable aspect of your relocation.

We understand that management is integral to success in business, and an incorrectly managed relocation is a liability that can cost an organisation time, money and reputation. Efficiency is the core of our buisiness, and our management skills reflects this.

Our facilities management services are in place to allow your aspirations for your new office space to be enacted in real-time. hether you want to bounce ideas off our professional team and arrive at the best solution for your organisation, or simply make a call and allow us to optimise your new office setup and it’s peripheries, we can help manage everything, from the major to the minutiae of enacting a successful business headquarters. Similarly, whether you want to take advantage of Business Movers warehousing and technology management departments after we have helped establish your new office, or just benefit from our management and office model after you take receivership, we are here to help you find the perfect fit for your organisation.